MultiCam Milwaukee Recenzje App

Useful App

I would like to see the dragging feature implemented as well. Also, when you move a camera into favorites, you cannot move it back to the main list. I lost a camera trying to test it out. Still, it has its uses and if they can fix a few things, I would give it five stars. Price is right.


Worked for a few days but now it always errors out and doesn't display the camera. Its been useless for over a week.

Not bad

Pretty good App. The only changes that would make is ability to edit the order of camera views by dragging. That would be a lot easier. Also, how about when traffic is backed up on a certain view(s) the camera view title is highlighted to warn you. That would be cool. - Thanks.

Very Convenient for Delivery Drivers!

I am a delivery driver and with this app I can see what the traffic is like on the freeway before I start my day. It would be nice if the cam images could refresh like every minute or so.

Very Cool!

This is cool and functional app! It would be nice to have a refresh button on each cam. It also needs the ability to move cams up on this list. So I can have my route at the top. Or even a page that has a crude map, with dots where the cams are would be even better. Otherwise, very cool, fun, and helpful on monday morning.

Very useful

Very convenient to quickly check status of freeways before leaving home, or while waiting at a red light. No more committing to get on the on-ramp, only to find traffic at a standstill after it's too late. Works beautifully!

Nice Addition

I was shocked to see what appears to be the entire Milwaukee, Wisconsin Department of Transportation Webcam system available on the iPhone. But what was more shocking was it was developed by someone in New Zealand. How did that come about? lol. Anyway........The cam views all appear to work with one exception. Below the webcam there is a statement which indicates what compass direction the camera is pointed. This information is not accurate. Because I am familiar with the area I can tell which direction the cameras are pointed and usually the webcam has the direction it is pointing in the upper portion center of the image. For example you would see either N S E or W or some combination such as NE or SW. Also, I was going to provide this feedback to the developer via their website but the email link does not work. Maybe including the email address somewhere would help. Fixing these two items would change my rating from 3 stars to 5 stars. But in anycase, it was wonderful having this app available and I know I will be using it. Very useful. What I really would like to know is why they picked Milwaukee, Wisconsin to be their first American city to do this for. There has to be a good story there somewhere. (grin) Keep up the good work. Cheers

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